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TMTG Coin.

The future revolution of Gold exchange, it is the first beginning.

Build trust and value in new token and blockchain trading ecosystem with TMTG Coin.

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TMTG Tokens

TMTG Token is cryptocurrency developed by Korea's software developer DGE (Digital Gold Exchange).

It is Token based on ETH (Ethereum) which stands for The MIDAS Touch which means "Everything you touch turns to gold".

Software usage

To use the various programs developed by DGE, you should basically have TMTG Token.

Excellent record keeping

all activities and transactions within the DGE's ecosystem are recorded and stored very accurately. Ownership of TMTG means sharing with the DGE.


Used to compensate developers fairly at the TMTG protocol level.

e-Gold Exchange

We are responsible for all safe transactions from real gold to Digital Gold. The TMTG token makes its value.

Purchase Happy Money Gift Voucher

Purchase mobile and gift cards that you can use in your daily life. Available from DGE.

Distributed 3.0

DGE's blockchain is a proof protocol that focuses on optimizing security.

Increase scalability and efficiency

Minimize environmental constraints with tens of thousands transactions per second.

Smart Contract

Designed using Smart Contraction.

Referral Program

 It can be made of real gold, or it can be available in Digital Gold.  If gold is unstable, you can keep it as a token itself.  What's even more amazing is that you can buy with a mobile voucher or gift card and gift it to others or your child. This amazing change is only possible with the TMG token of the DGE.

 Solution: Suggestions for users' interests  We value Digital Gold Exchange investors and users' interests and investment values first.  They will be able to prepare for a better tomorrow through the Digital Gold Exchange.

 From 0.1g of Digital Gold to 10g of actual gold bars, you can use anytime 24-hours a day through PC and APP according to the user's taste and decision  You can trade freely and smoothly.

 Using blockchain technology, when hacking or unstable transaction is detected, Red Flag is used to block transactions,  and will try to protect the user's assets.

Available mobile gift vouchers according to user's needs

We pursue convenience in everyday life. Users can purchase any other content products using their own assets.

You can also purchase it with TMTG.

Various Uses

Happy Money gift certificates / gift cards can be used for various purposes such as shopping / dining / movie through our partnership with Happy Money.

On-line use

It can be used in famous domestic online shopping mall through our cooperation with 240 companies including 11STREET and CJ Mall.

Off-line use

You can enjoy various dining culture through our partnership with 560 companies such as restaurants and coffee.

Mobile use

You can enjoy various content such as movie, billing, file download through mobile.

Development Plan
Token development start
TMTG Project Configuration
TMTG draft production / completion
Simulation for TMTG ICO risk prevention
Pre-Sale Phase 1 5/18
Pre-Sale Phase 2 6/5
Pre-Sale Phase 3 6/20
Official ICO 7/28
IDCM exchange listing 8/1 / Opened an electronic money exchange (planned)
Periodic inspection and stabilization
White Paper

Q1. Can I buy in small quantities?

A1.    Of course. You can also purchase Digital Gold in a small quantity of 0.1g. This will be safely stored and from 10 g or more You can buy real gold directly.

Q2. How can I buy?

A2.   After confirming the authentication code by 50 franchises of Korea Gold Exchange, they will give you the actual gold. If there is no offline franchise nearby, you can also apply on the DIGITAL GOLD EXCHANGE site. Your valuable assets will be delivered to your home using The Post Office's secure delivery service.

Q3. Do I have to purchase only with TMTG Token?

A3.    Digital Gold transactions are handled with TMTG Token. If you use TMTG Token, you can trade more easily.

Q4. How do you dispose of purchased gold?

A4.   If you bought the gold bar, you can dispose it anywhere, and Digital Gold can sell it through the exchange. We will apply P2P trading function separately.


If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us.

We will respond to you within 48 hours.

Technology related: degi@dgex.io

Business related: shim@dgex.io

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